Why Being on a Book Buying Ban is Strangely Awesome

Isn’t Miss Luna Lovegood adorable? She sits on my bookshelf alongside one of my favourite Game of Thrones characters: Sansa Stark.

Last week I made a very crucial decision: I am placing myself on a much needed BOOK BUYING BAN! (If you listen very, very carefully, you can hear my bank account sigh with relief.) This past month or so, I have been going a little overboard with the amount of books that I have been purchasing — and simply justifying it with at the very least I can write about them on my blog! — and have come to the conclusion that I really need to slow down. I can’t have every single book on my bookshelf… though, from the evidence, I’ve obviously really tried! Haha.

However, whilst I am now running past bookstores and avoiding Goodreads like the plague, all in order to rid myself of the temptation, the fact that I have now officially banned myself from buying any new books until August 1st is not actually completely awful. In fact, this book buying ban is strangely (very strangely) awesome! And let me tell you why.

1. I’ve realised that I have a lot of awesome books on my bookshelf! Without thinking about the next book that I am going to purchase, I have taken a much better look at my bookshelf! Is it bad that I have forgotten about almost half the books that I own? I’m looking forward to reading Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch, Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab and Soundless by Richelle Mead.

2. I plan on finishing a couple of series! I have now realised that I have a horrible habit of taking forever to finish a series once I’ve started — so this book buying ban will actually really help in knocking off a few unfinished series. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, start reading and finish The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, and make a sufficient dent in The Expanse books by James S. A. Corey.

Currently Reading: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

3. My TBR is going to be getting so much smaller! Now, this would probably have to be the most exciting point on my entire list! My TBR is extremely long, TERRIFYINGLY LONG, so it’ll be nice to actually make a considerable dent in it over the next few months. However, I can only imagine that a new problem will arise: my reading wishlist growing to an uncontrollable size! Oh dear…

4. I might try re-reading one of my favourites! I have been planning to re-read the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth and The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare for such a long time now that it would be pretty awesome to finally do it.

5. I’m actually going to be saving some money! Pretty self-explanatory. My bank account is definitely going to thank me.

Writing this list actually makes me incredibly, incredibly happy. As bookish peeps, we tend to view book buying bans as horrible, dreaded things — but, in actuality, all we need to do is look at the bright side! Not only will I be saving some money, I am also really looking forward to finishing off some of my unfinished series/trilogies, starting some new ones, and perhaps do a little re-reading in the upcoming months.

Although, I am going away in May on holiday — and I know that I will be going to this awesome bookstore (guys, it is huge!). If I actually end up buying a book or two whilst I am there, it isn’t the end of the world. Life is too short to worry about things like that. But right now I am making the conscious decision to not buy any books in order to read the ones that I own and save some money for my holiday.

Have you ever gone on a book buying ban? How did you survive?

17 thoughts on “Why Being on a Book Buying Ban is Strangely Awesome

  1. Great post! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk about the positives of a book buying ban other than the whole saving money thing. These are some excellent points! I really need to put myself on a ban, but I have zero self control haha. I’m definitely going to try and cut down though.

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    1. Thank-you!

      These next few months will definitely be the true test for whether or not I have enough self-control, haha. We’ll see how it goes anyway. But I am definitely looking forward to it 🙂

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  2. I very much need to go on a ban! I buy 3-8 books a week, some times those books are graphic novels and those are quite quick reads but still I still find my shelf getting so full with book I still haven’t read! Maybe I just stop buying novels and just get graphic novels!

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    1. That was exactly what I was doing — minus the graphic novels. 3-8 books a week, and it was just getting slightly ridiculous. If you decide to go on a ban, I wish you all the best 🙂


    1. Wow, AN ENTIRE YEAR?! Oh my goodness, I don’t think that I have that much self-restraint haha. But that is seriously incredible! And I can imagine that you would definitely be making up for it 🙂

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  3. Great post! I may have to put myself on a book buying ban next month. I’ve already way overspent this month, and the last month, and pretty much every month since I started blogging!
    I need to try and start saving money again, plus I have loads of books on my shelf I need to read or would love to re-read. A book buying ban may actually be a chance for me to do that!

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    1. Yes, I definitely think that it is blogging that makes me buy way to many books. Well, more than usual haha. If you decide to go on a book buying ban, you can always come here for support (cause I’m gonna need it too, haha!).

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      1. I have been buying more books since I started blogging, I’ve just been introduced to so many and I can’t help but want to buy them after people post amazing reviews for them. I think I’m going to have to put myself on a ban next month, maybe I can get some re-reads done instead 🙂

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  4. Love this post! I definitely relate to numbers 1 and 2 – I’m terrible about finishing series I’ve started and I also tend to forget what I own and books will go unread for years! I applaud you for your success and positiveness!

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    1. Thank-you, Emily!

      I’m glad that somebody else can relate! I am determined to finish some of the series that I have started. I never realised how bad it was until putting myself on a book buying ban!

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  5. I’m on a ban right now for new books! So I’m allowing myself to buy books in a series I already own like A Court and Mist and Fury or Lady Midnight but no new ones and it’s not really about the money saving (although that is an upside) but my owned TBR is way to long and I really want to make a dint in it, also I would love to re-read some of my favorites very soon 🙂
    Great posts on book buying bans!

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    1. Thank-you so much!

      Honestly, the best thing about this book buying ban is the fact that I am making a small dent in my very long TBR. I’m actually starting to read books that I’ve had for quite a while now, and I think if I was purchasing new books they would continue to be forgotten.

      That’s a really good idea, though: only buying books in a series that you own! 😀

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      1. It’s great to finally finish a book you’ve had for ages. I tend to buy books on a whim and then forget or just keep putting them off for newer books. I hope to finish all my owned TBR this year 🙂 and catch up on my net galley arcs (I also put myself on a requesting ban my Kindle has way to many ARCs that need my attention)

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