A Love Letter to “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”

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The five book Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan is, perhaps, one of my all time favourite series, ever. (I finished it earlier in the year, finally, and have read the first book in Heroes of Olympus, which is equally as awesome!) The characters, the storyline, the mythology, and all the twists and turns — this series has it all. And, because of that, I wanted to write a post dedicated to this truly amazing series, and of course thank Rick Riordan for writing it.

Dear Rick Riordan:

Thank-you for creating Annabeth Chase. Annabeth Chase is definitely one of my favourite fictional characters. Whilst Annabeth may initially begin Percy Jackson and the Olympians as a bit of a know-it-all who has fallen for the wrong guy (Luke), she develops into a wonderfully fleshed out character. Not only is she incredibly relatable (especially with her obsession with architecture — come on, we obsess over books just as much as Annabeth obsesses over buildings!), but she is also a very multifaceted character, which makes her very interesting to read: she has strengths, as well as weaknesses. Annabeth is brave, a good friend and self-sacrificing, whilst also sometimes being selfish, scared and often struggles to rediscover herself after feeling betrayed.

And, to add, thank-you for the amazing ‘ship’ Annabeth and Percy. To be honest, I probably fangirl over every single relationship I read about, but Annabeth and Percy are perhaps one of my all time favourites. I simply love how gradually their relationship develops from allies to strong friends to a caring and romantic relationship. I love how their relationship isn’t forced. Instead, it is a wonderful example of a relationship that develops organically and slowly overtime.

Thank-you for strengthening my love of mythology. I have always been a huge fan of mythology — in fact, I even studied Greek mythology during high school. However, reading this series has only strengthened my love for mythology. It actually intrigued me enough that after learning more about Greek mythology whilst reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I was inspired to continue reading about the Greek gods and goddesses afterwards.

Thank-you for all the laughs. Rick Riordan has a truly wonderful and very witty writing style. And I absolutely love how he manages to make his characters and dialogue so humorous. Percy’s internal monologue, for instance, always puts a smile to my face. However, my absolute favourite character when it comes to humour is definitely, and will always be, Grover. For example, the scene where Grover proclaims that “his hooves are clean” always makes me laugh.

And thank-you for how you ended this series. When it comes to a series that I deeply love, I am always worried about how the author may decide to finish it — mostly because I love the characters so much. Yet, how Riordan finished Percy Jackson and the Olympians is perhaps a wonderful example of a perfect ending. Not only does Riordan manage to tie together all the loose ends (and grant my favourite characters the happy endings that they deserve), but it also provides the perfect segue to continue the series with Heroes of Olympus.

Thank-you Rick Riordan for five truly amazing books!

12 thoughts on “A Love Letter to “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”

  1. I may have almost teared up whilst reading this, haha. What a lovely post! I agree with EVERYTHING you said. This series is so important to me. I love it as much as I love Harry Potter. The world and characters Rick created were so incredible. I love Percy and Annabeth so much. It made me fall in love with Greek mythology and I love that I was learning and being entertained at the same time. This book is honestly my happy place and I feel so comforted whenever I’m reading it. The last book was such a perfect way to end the series too. Ugh. Everything about all these books is just so, so perfect.

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    1. You are such a sweetheart — this book series is incredible! And I agree with you, this book series is definitely my happy place. I love reading about the adventures of Percy, Annabeth and Grover. This series is beyond awesome, and yes… perfect. ❤

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  2. I love the Percy Jackson books and i’m always happy to see other people love them too… so i wanted to know if you read already the Heroes of Olympus series? I think it’s great too.. I think the books Rick Riordan writes are very good of kids and grown ups, it has so much stuff you can learn from, it’s truly amazing and the characters are completely lovable … Annabeth is an inspiration… I really enjoyed reading your post, these books are such a great reading, and i’m very happy on the way the series in the world Rick has created are evolving so they are more relatable as kids keep growing up. Thank you for making my day with this post… it’s totally amazing :3 . Have a great day! ❤

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    1. Thank-you so much for your comment, Clemence, you may have brought a tear to my eye!

      I have read the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series, and I am now onto the second book. I like to read one book of a series, then read something else, and then go back to it 🙂 But I’m loving it.

      And you are very right. These characters are so relatable, and feel so real. Rick Riordan definitely has a talent for developing such strong, life-like characters! ❤


    1. I cannot wait read Apollo’s series! But I have so many books to read before reading that one. I would really like to finish Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles before starting Trials of Apollo 🙂

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