Comic Review: Grayson – Agents of Spyral, Volume 1

After reading Aria Stuck in Wonderland’s review, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this beautiful trade paperback of Dick Grayson. I have never read anything with Grayson before, but her review really encouraged me to pick something up.

bee0da10-9496-4a0f-8abe-ca0216574bfb.jpg._CB287288041_Title: Grayson – Agents of Spyral, Volume 1

Pages: 160

A thrilling new chapter of Dick Grayson’s life begins in this title collecting the start of his new hit series. It’s a super-spy thriller that will shock you and prove one thing: You may think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick!

As he digs into the mysterious organization known as SPYRAL and learns more about his new partner, Helena Bertinelli, how can Dick keep track of all the lies? Or will he fall apart once he can no longer tell fact from fiction? Plus: Dick Grayson goes toe-to-toe with the Midnighter!

Collects GRAYSON #1-4, a story from SECRET ORIGINS #7 and GRAYSON: FUTURES END #1. 

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What I Loved:

I absolutely loved Dick Grayson as a character: I actually found Dick Grayson to be a very interesting and entertaining character. This comic does a wonderful job at providing an extensive amount of background for the character, which was a wonderful touch because, as I said, I had never read a comic with Dick Grayson in it before (though, I have seen the Batman Forever movie, which features Grayson). This allowed me to really understand the character and his motivations. He actually felt real, and very three-dimensional, which sometimes does not happen in a comic book. (Plus, for a comic book character, Grayson is incredibly buff, haha.)

I found the comic’s overall plot to be very intriguing: I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I really, really liked this plot — it was definitely very intriguing! This comic does a wonderful job at incorporating the past events of Grayson’s life and constructing a new, exciting and different storyline that continues his story and develops the character further.


The illustrations are truly beautiful and really do bring the story to life: Does anybody else wish that they had the amazing talent of this comic book artists?! Because these illustrations are absolutely beautiful and colourful. I really love how the artists brought these characters to life, especially Dick Grayson.

I enjoyed the relationship between Dick and Helena: There is not a lot that I can comment on at the moment, since their characters are still slowly developing, but I can say that I cannot wait to see how the relationship between the two of them develops in the future.

What I Didn’t Love:

I would have liked to learn more about Helena: I have read numerous other comics that star Helena Bertinelli, but she was very different from the other characterisations or portrayals. However, in this specific comic, Helena played the role of a more secondary character and she did not share the same privilege as Grayson did at developing further. This was disappointing, so I hope that this is fixed in later issues.

I didn’t really understand Spyral: I didn’t really understand where a lot of the information was coming from (DID THIS JUST GO OVER MY HEAD?) about the identities of the other superheroes. I would have liked some more information in regards to this subplot.


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