Dear Cassandra Clare: A Love Letter to The Shadowhunter World


Dear Cassandra Clare and the beautiful Shadowhunter World that you have created,

Thank-you for developing a world that is incredibly rich with magic and mystery. The world that Cassandra Clare has created is seriously beautiful, filled to the brim with mystery and magic… and sometimes terrifying creatures. The fact that Cassandra Clare has spent a long time in this world has allowed her to develop it wonderfully, making it feel real — as though if you traveled to New York or Los Angeles you could somehow stumble into it. Whether or not you like this series, you cannot deny that she has developed such an incredible, rich world with laws, history and culture.

Thank-you for creating female characters that are three-dimensional, strong and inspiring. All of these female characters are so life-like and individual. Cassandra Clare has equally developed them all, making sure that these women are catalysts (not sure what I mean by catalyst? Click here) and possess their own personalities. Isabelle Lightwood has always been one of my favourite characters from all of the series, simply because she has transformed into a wonderful character throughout The Mortal Instruments. She is also a wonderful example of a warrior possessing feminine characteristics.

Clary Fray, Maia Roberts, Tessa Gray and Emma Carstairs are also wonderful examples of strong, three-dimensional female characters (and my favourites). Seriously. If you want to read about some female characters that are physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually strong, then look no further! And, female friendships are very prominent throughout each of Cassandra Clare’s series, which is really important to portray in young adult fiction.

And overwhelming me with a number of ships that have taken over my life. I am looking at you Alec and Magnus! These two characters have seriously broken my heart throughout these books, over and over and over again. Their relationship is incredibly beautiful and very well-developed, a relationship that you cannot help but ship passionately. And they are not the only ones. Clary and Jace, Isabelle and Simon, Tessa and Jem, Emma and Julian, and Cristina and Mark, are among my favourite ships.


Thank-you to everyone who is a part of developing the Shadowhunters television series. I am among the few that did not particularly like the movie — but I absolutely fell in love with the television series. You cannot deny that the series stayed true to the books, even if they invented a few more subplots to add a little mystery and suspense for avid book readers. Sure, I initially found Katherine McNamara’s acting a little awkward, but I grew to actually quite like her as Clary Fray (and she looks quite close to how I pictured her as I was reading). And I absolutely loved that we could finally see a relationship develop between Alec and Magus on screen.

Thank-you for writing The Mortal Instruments — it was the book that made me fall in love with reading. I remember being so damn excited when I found this book in the bookstore — I was going through my “I love everything with demons and warriors” phase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, yeah!). I’m pretty sure that it had only been out for a couple of months. I purchased it, took it home and immediately devoured its contents in a matter of two days. I fell in love with this world, the characters and the storyline, and that love has continued. But it also inspired me to continue reading other books in this genre. It then developed into a fierce love for reading that has continued over a number of years and contributed to me creating this blog.


Thank-you for inspiring me to work at my writing. I absolutely loved this world so damn much that I wanted to write a book that made somebody else feel the way that I did. I wanted to create characters that felt incredibly real to readers, develop a plot full of intrigue and suspense, and create a world that readers wanted to step into. I don’t think that I have written a book that even meets what I want to write yet, but I have been practicing and writing for so many years now, and I can attribute a lot of that to Cassandra Clare.

Thank-you for expanding the series, and not stopping at The Mortal InstrumentsThere are so many people that complain about Cassandra Clare “milking” the Shadowhunter World. But I absolutely love the fact that she has decided to expand and develop this series. It has made this world seem even more real. I loved The Infernal Devices, but I absolutely fell in love with the first book in The Dark Artifices series. If she didn’t expand upon this series we wouldn’t have been introduced to some amazing characters, such as Tessa, Jem and Will — and later Emma, Julian and the rest of the Blackthorn children.


And thank-you for being an awesome human being. Seriously. How are you so awesome?!

Love Madeline

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