Would I Recommend The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo?


I recently finished The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, and it was definitely a wild ride. A CRAZY, OH MY GOD, KIND OF RIDE! After finishing, I started wondering whether or not I would reccomend this book to any of my friends. Well, the short answer is YES, DEFINITELY! So, I want to recommend it to all my wonderful followers who may be thinking of reading the series.

(If you would like to read my reviews for “Siege and Storm” and “Ruin and Rising” then definitely go ahead! Unfortunately, I began this blog after reading “Shadow and Bone”, so I don’t have a review up.)

These are the three main reasons WHY you should read this incredible series:

You Should Read This Because: The World Building Is Fantastic!

Seriously. The world building in this series is beyond amazing. It would definitely have to be one of my all time favourite worlds. Honestly, this is my expression every time I think about these books and the vast world it possesses:


The world that Bardugo has created is so rich, so real, so alive. She has created an interesting culture, religion, cults, societies, politics, etc. There is so much that Bardugo has put into these books to make the world so incredible. Honestly, every time that you open this book you pretty much stumble into the world head first and it feels SO. DAMN. REAL.

I am in love with this world. (Can you tell?)

You Should Read This Because: The Secondary Characters Are Very Interesting

If you have already read my reviews, you probably already know my opinion about the protagonist, Alina. She isn’t my favourite character — in fact, most of the time, she annoys me. However, the secondary characters are pretty interesting. There are so many fantastic secondary characters, though my favourite has to be Nikolai who first appears in the second book.

It is kind of disappointing that the main character isn’t spectacular (my personal opinion, guys!), but the secondary characters definitely make up for that. They are very three-dimensional, interesting and beautiful. They are characters that you will cheer for, cry over and, if you are anything like me, obsess over.

If you are looking for a group of secondary characters to fall in love with, don’t look any further!

You Should Read This Because: It Is One Of Those Series That You’ll End Up Binge Reading

Haha, I am being 100% serious. This series is very addictive and so well written that you cannot help but binge this series. If you are looking for something new, something fun, and something magical, then this series should be your next go to.

I wouldn’t mind reading the series again, soon. THIS SERIES IS SO BINGE-WORTHY! NO JOKE. Perhaps that will be something that I’ll do next year? Along with a Throne of Glass re-read, haha.

At the end of the day, I am certain that you will be shouting this:


And looking just as gorgeous as Emma Stone 🙂

So, yes. I would definitely recommend The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo!

7 thoughts on “Would I Recommend The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo?

  1. Great post. I absolutely love all things Leigh Bardugo. She paints such a vivid picture of the world and the dialogue is brilliant. Have you read Six of Crows? If not you definitely should. Same world but a few years later with different characters.

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  2. Same, so much same. This is probably in my top three all time favorite worlds and oh my god…the writing is freaking gorgeous! That is 500% the reason I sped through all of these books. I binge read the entire trilogy. Alina definitely was not my favorite character and I really enjoyed Nikolai’s character. My favorite character actually is the Darkling! He also is my all time favorite villain! I just find his character so interesting and complex. There’s just something about him that draws me to him. I think I actually enjoyed all of the secondary characters almost more than the main characters. They are all so interesting! Also, since you loved this trilogy and this world, I definitely recommend you check out Leigh’s other series in this world (which, I promise, is even better than this one. I know it seems impossible, BUT IT IS.) It’s called Six of Crows and the final book in that duology is coming out on the 27th of this month! In general, I love this book series, this post is #relatable, and I love how much you love this series!

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    1. Thanks so much, Allie! 🙂
      I absolutely love the fact that you love this series so damn much. The secondary characters are by far the best, as the main characters grew to annoy me near the end. But enough to stop reading. Because this world is so fantastic.
      I am reading Empire of Storms at the moment, but I am going to read Six of Crows next! And I am so excited to start reading it because everyone talks about how amazing it is.
      Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts. This comment has definitely put a huge smile on my face! 😀

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      1. No problem! I actually am reading The Assassin’s Blade and when I finish this, I will be reading Queen of Shadows. I know. Its awful that I haven’t read it yet. But after that, I am going to be devouring Empire of Storms! You’ll have to tell me how you liked it when you finish it! To both books, Six of Crows and Empire of Storms.

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      2. Oh, I haven’t read The Assassin’s Blade yet. I keep putting it off because I always want there to be a Throne of Glass novel out there that I haven’t read haha. I hope that you enjoy Queen of Shadows! And I definitely will be posting a review for both once I have finished them! 🙂

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