I Finally Bought the “Harry Potter” Books in Hardcover!


Harry Potter is (obviously) one of my all time favourite series. I have loved the wonderful, magical world and the beautiful characters that J. K. Rowling created for years now. They will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I have owned the Harry Potter books for years and years. But none of my books matched. Every book is a different size, a different edition, and they are a mixture of both paperbacks and hardcovers. I love my old books, they are the ones that I read that introduced me to the magical world of Harry Potter; but I have longed to own a set that actually match for a long time now.


These books are beyond gorgeous. The colours are beautiful and the artwork is insanely awesome. I just want to stare at them all the time and admire their beauty. I have never seen books as stunning as these ones are. Seriously, guys. I AM IN LOVE!

And they really make me want to re-read the entire series all over again. (Perhaps I will after university is over? Or early next year?)


Do any of you guys own this beautiful set of Harry Potter books? Or do you own another edition? Which one?

11 thoughts on “I Finally Bought the “Harry Potter” Books in Hardcover!

  1. They are so beautiful!! 😀 I have to restrain myself of buying another book set of HP. I bought the Scholastic Paperback Edition Box last year and I’m totally in love with them. My dad has all the original versions that I read first, but none of them match either so I finally wanted my own complete collection 😀

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    1. All of the boxsets are just so gorgeous. My bookstore, surprisingly, had the American version where the picture of Hogwarts is made with the spines. That set is SO gorgeous. The only reason I didn’t get that one instead is because I wanted the books in hardcover. But, seriously, all the boxsets are beyond beautiful!


  2. I love these editions! The cover artwork is fantastic. I have all the HP books, but like your old set, they’re mismatched. Some are paperbacks and some are hardcovers. I want a matching set eventually, but it’s so much money to buy them all at once. Maybe I can get someone to buy them as a Christmas gift 😛

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