The Best Posts I Read This Month (September)


There were so many wonderful, informative and interesting posts throughout the bookish community — and I want to share them all with you today. (Also, this post is a day late, so I’m really sorry about that. I spaced!)

So many of these posts address diversity in fiction — with a number of them offering some recommendations if you want to add some more diversity to your reading.

And finally, thank-you to everyone on this list that wrote such amazing posts in September.

Fiona provides A Guide to the Online Book Community.

Ashleigh asks How Important Is ‘The End’?

Lauren discusses Diversity and ‘That’ Video.

Jeann talks about When “Diversity” Isn’t Actually Diverse.

Cait asks What Should A Perfect Fairy Tale Retelling Look Like?

Ari considers whether she has Outgrown Young Adult Fiction.

Brianna teaches us about Writing A Memorable Discussion Post.

CW discuss The Diversity ‘Catch-22’. (Guys, this is an awesome post,Β pleaseΒ check it out!)

Mia provides us with some tips on How To Start Your Own Bookstagram.

Hollie discusses Diversity and Responsibility.

Drew discusses ARCS and Gives You Some Awesome Tips.

Kirstie shows usΒ How to Define Fantasy.

Alexa discusses Getting Beta Readers to Read Your Work. (Especially in relation to writing diverse books.)

Charlotte discusses Character Deaths in Books.

What was your favourite post for September?

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