Let’s Discuss: Why Do I Only Read Fantasy and Science Fiction?

I originally created The SFF Bookshelf because I wanted to share both my thoughts and love for my two favourite genres: fantasy and science fiction. I don’t usually read other genres, if at all, because I am not a huge fan of contemporary fiction. And I definitely don’t read horror because I am a giant scaredy cat.

But why? Why don’t I usually venture out of the realms of fantasy and science fiction? Well, I have three very prominent reasons!


1. I read Fantasy and Science Fiction to escape the real world.

Sometimes, the real world just plan sucks. Or its incredibly stressful or frustrating or extremely aggravating. This means that when the real world gets to me, I escape it through reading. I want to read about worlds where my own troubles no longer exist, where I can forget everything that is happening to me, or around me. Fantasy and Science Fiction are the two genres that allow me to do that.

I’m not saying that contemporary fiction cannot allow somebody to do that. I’m saying that for me I enjoy feeling completely removed from the real world.


2. I really like imagining what the world will look like in the future.

I am a gigantic fan of Star Trek — and this is mainly because I absolutely love seeing the types of futuristic technologies and societies that these groups of writers and producers have come up with. This is exactly why I love reading Science Fiction!

There are so many authors who have previously come up with almost utopian-like, futuristic societies, so I love when authors step outside this and try something new. Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey, for example, has humans exploring space, but they still harbour a lot of prejudice and hate for one another. This book was one of the most realistic science fiction books that I have ever read — and is definitely one that every Science Fiction lover should read!

Also, one of my favourite Young Adult Science Fiction books this year was Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I loved reading about the type of future that these two authors created. This future wasn’t utopian at all, but instead portrayed a more realistic future, which was incredibly relatable.


3. I kind of want to be a magician with a pet dragon and attend some magical university and be best friends with an elf. Or an assassin with my own spaceship and have the ability to shoot lasers from my eyes.

And how am I going to even come close to doing this? By reading Fantasy and Science Fiction and living vicariously through the characters, of course! I obviously have major life aspirations.

Why do you read Fantasy and Science Fiction? Or why do you read the genres that you read?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Why Do I Only Read Fantasy and Science Fiction?

  1. Great post!! I do read for escapism, but I also enjoy reading to see what people have to say about the society they live in. Books are full of social commentary be it explicit or implicit, and some of my favourite sci-fi and fantasy are ones that have this down to an art (Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett). 🙂


      1. Awesome! I always love seeing the reasons why people read certain genres, I think it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences. I’ll probably have to draft it Wednesday and schedule it. Thursday is Thanksgiving!

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  2. Great Post! Like you I read them for the ability to escape, as you say life can suck sometimes. In those fantasy worlds I can imagine myself as a character or read about a character who isn’t drowning in uni work and who doesn’t have anxiety. I do also read Contemporary, New Adult and sometimes crime (just Girl on the Train and Cuckoo’s Calling) but fantasy – notably dystopian is what I stick with! 🙂

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  3. I relate to this post SO much. You listed all the reasons why I mainly stick to Fantasy/Sci-Fi. I love the escapism. My favourite genre is Horror so I do delve into Contemporary a lot, but it definitely has to have substance and grit to it. It’s why I mainly read thrillers or contemporaries that deal with serious issues. I’m definitely not a fan of the summery romance contemporaries. Nothing against them or people who are, it’s just sooo not for me.


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