Let’s Discuss: 5 Authors I Would Love To Meet and Discuss Books and Writing With

There are so many incredibly talented and inspiring authors that I have continuously obsessed over (and over and over and over). However, when I think about it, there are definitely five authors that I would love to someday meet in order to discuss writing and books in general.

It would honestly be a dream to meet these authors (I am available for lunch anytime, guys!). Each of them are truly inspiring in their own way.


1. Cassandra Clare

cityofbonesCassandra Clare is actually the very first author that I ever became obsessed with. I remember that I began reading The Mortal Instruments when the second book was released, instantly falling in love with Clare’s writing style, her wonderful and surprising plot, the beautiful world-building and every single one of the characters. This was during the time that I was initially getting into writing and I was so inspired by Clare’s work (and I have followed her career ever since). The Mortal Instruments, and all the subsequent series, will always have a special place in my heart. I would love to spend some quality time with Cassandra Clare and discuss how she wrote about the intricate Shadowhunter world. I think that I could learn a lot about world-building from this amazingly talented author, as well as writing about different characters and building strong relationships between them throughout an entire series of books.


2. Sarah J. Maas

28260587When I initially joined the book blogging community, I seriously never anticipated that I would fall in love with a collection of books like the Throne of Glass series. You can most likely tell from my blog already that I have an undying love for this series and, of course, its author. I do understand that a lot of readers don’t enjoy Maas’ work; however, I cannot help but love her storytelling technique. (The various reasons as to why readers don’t enjoy her work is definitely a possible future blog post.) I would absolutely love to spend time with Sarah J. Maas and discuss her approaches to her writing — especially when it comes to writing a very strong female character and how to write plots that are constantly shocking and surprising. I definitely believe that spending time with Maas would make me grow as a writer, as she constantly inspires me from afar, so I can only imagine how she would inspire me in person.


3. Kameron Hurley

mirrorempireUnfortunately, I have only ever had the pleasure of reading one of Kameron Hurley’s novels; however, I actually find Hurley to be a truly fascinating and inspiring individual. I absolutely loved The Mirror Empire, the first book in The Worldbreaker Saga, rating it five stars because I was simply amazed and constantly surprised by it. It is a truly beautiful novel, which does an incredible job at challenging readers’ expectations and ideas regarding gender. It would be absolutely fascinating to meet this author, this talented woman, who takes her novels on an interesting and very different spin. I really do believe that spending some time with Kameron Hurley would challenge me immensely as a writer. Reading her work has already shown me so much about character development, so spending time with her would continue to help me so much with writing three-dimensional and well-rounded characters.


4. George R. R. Martin

gameofthronesThe moment that I stepped into the magical, terrifying and political world of A Game of Thrones, I was instantly inspired and deeply in love. I absolutely love how beautifully detailed, intricate and large the world George R. R. Martin created is. This is inclusion with the amazing cast of characters that George R. R. Martin developed. There are few authors out there that I can point to and say that I wish I could be them, that there idea was mine. And Martin’s A Game of Thrones is one of those books. I would love to quietly sit down whilst Martin discusses his approach to writing the series, how individual characters (most important, Daenerys, Tyrion, Sansa and Cersei) were created and developed, and how the world was inspired by individual points in history. If I ever had the opportunity, I don’t think that I would say anything, but instead enjoy listening to him speak. I really believe that I could learn a lot about the process of writing from this truly talented man.


5. Rick Riordan

lostheroI have always, always, always loved Rick Riordan’s books and have always been so amazed by how talented this man is. He has not written anything that I have not liked (though, my favourite series will always be his Heroes of Olympus series). From his extraordinary world of the beloved Percy Jackson series, to his beautiful cast of diverse characters — I just simply love everything that Riordan creates with an undying passion. Additionally, as somebody who has to actually try to be funny (seriously, the biggest compliment I can receive is someone telling me that I’m funny — how sad!), I really do have a lot of respect for authors who are naturally hilarious. I can really imagine that quality time spent with Rick Riordan would actually be full of laughs. I would just love to discuss his approaches to writing: the way he creates well-rounded, three-dimensional characters and how he mixes together mythology with his own original ideas.


Which authors would you like to meet and discuss their books and writing? Tell me below!


16 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: 5 Authors I Would Love To Meet and Discuss Books and Writing With

  1. Great Post! I definitely would love to Meet Cassandra Clare and Sarah J.MAAS as well. Also for me a big one would be J.K Rowling, i’m imagining a panel of these 3 women together and it would be amazing. Just to hear their experiences, how they first got their ideas and how they developed it.
    Oh gosh its exciting just thinking of it as an idea!

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  2. Yessss at Rick Riordan. Judging by his Twitter he seems like such a funny, but insightful guy. It’d be so great to have a discussion with him about everything! He obviously put a ton of research into all the myths too so it’d be interesting to hear what that was like.

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    1. I love reading Rick Riordan’s Twitter. The amount of work it must have taken to write the Percy Jackson series and all the others must have been a gruelling, but very interesting and fascinating task. I would LOVE to hear what that was like 🙂


  3. Am I invited on this trip to discuss all the book things too! XD This sounds awesome, there are so many Authors I would love to met and even some who are gone so I’ll never have to opportunity to meet them 😦 Great post 😀

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