Writing Resources

There are so many wonderful writing resources out there, but these blogs are definitely my favourite. Whenever you are looking for writing inspiration, definitely have a look at the beautiful writers on the list.


Susan Denard | For Writers:

I absolutely love the posts that Susan Denard, the wonderful author of Truthwitch, has written for aspiring authors. There are some wonderful posts about plotting and creating characters, in addition to some tips on revising your novel, increasing productivity and facing your writing fears. My favourites:

Planning A Series

Writing 3-Dimensional Characters

Writing A Sellable Book

Christine | Wee Reader:

I love when Christine blogs about writing, her posts always inspire me to get back to my writing. Christine also posts some awesome interviews with published authors, self-published authors and aspiring authors.

Writer Interviews

Writing Resources

Cait | Paper Fury:

Cait is probably the most hilarious human being on the planet. I love her blog, even though she sometimes makes me feel like a lazy writer… especially since she’s written over twenty novels! Whenever you need some motivation, you should definitely check out these posts:

How To Write A Successful First Draft

Why You Should Definitely Write A Book

How To Write The Perfect Bestselling Novel of Ever

The Best Writing Advice Blogs:



Writing Blogs:

Taylor Mae Marie

Musings of an Elf

Gossiping with Dragons

A Writer’s Faith

To The Barricade!